Who to trust for advice on your DIY superannuation fund

John Wasiliev of the Australian Financial Review interviews Kevin Smith and others on who to trust when seeking advice in respect to a SMSF.

“An advertisement on the internet offers to set up a do-it-yourself superannuation fund at no cost. It promotes total control over your retirement savings. But how do you assess this and will it suit you?

At a conference on property investing a keynote speaker claims a particular type of property will be great in a DIY fund. How seriously should you take this advice, especially if you don’t have a DIY fund?

How about a dinner party where a fellow guest talks about how he transferred his super from a public fund into a DIY fund from which he has started a tax-free pension. Having the fund also allows him personally to manage a share portfolio that enjoys not only tax-free investment earnings but also generous tax credits.

You know your accountant administers DIY funds – should you talk to him or her about these ideas?”

Read Full Article: Who to trust for advice (PDF)

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