Why Independent Advice is Important – Video

Would you like to receive unbiased and impartial advice? Well of course you would! But only an independent adviser can give you such advice.

To be unbiased the adviser can not be connected to a bank or product provider. This is because their recommendations tend to be biased towards selling the products and platforms of the bank they are connected to.

Approximately 80% of financial advisers are licensed in such a way.

To be impartial you can not receive commissions, and must charge by way of fee for service. Commission taints a recommendation and may mean that the adviser is looking after their own interests more than yours. Furthermore, paying fee for service can provide you with significant savings in the long run.

Of the remaining 20% non bank advisers, almost all take commission in some form or other. Some of these advisers have been taken to task by ASIC for using the word independent illegally.

But if you want unbiased and impartial advice, you can turn to a truly independent adviser.   There are at the time of writing less than 100 independent advisers out of the tens of thousands of advisers in Australia.

The Professional Super Advisers is one of these. Please call or email us to book your free initial appointment.

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