Why Choose Us?

Choose the Professional Super Advisers for Independent Financial Advice

Why choose us?

The Professional Super Advisers is one of only a handful of truly independent providers of financial advice in Australia. Choose us to access quality independent advice on:

  • Retirement planning and obtaining financial independence.
  • Choice of the most suitable super fund.
  • Selection of appropriate investments.
  • Optimising your life insurance needs.

Why choose us for your financial advice?

Compare the services of other financial advisers with what we can provide and our independence – and the choice is clear:

The Professional Super Advisers Others
Qualified to give tax advice YES ?
Independent YES ?
Not owned by a product provider YES ?
Charge on a fee for service basis
Rebate all commissions
Provide unbiased, impartial investment advice
Operated under our own licence (AFSL) and not that of a bank/life insurance company
Provide tailored advice YES ?
Professionally Qualified (eg FCA) YES ?

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