About The Professional Super Advisers

The Professional Super Advisers' Director and Main Adviser, Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith FCA BSc, Director

The Professional Super Advisers was established in Sydney, NSW in January 2008 by Kevin Smith FCA BSc to provide independent financial advice to the public. The Professional Super Advisers serves clients in in Sydney, country NSW and interstate.

The Professional Super Advisers recognises that individuals deserve an independent service, rather than being sold an in-house product under the guise of financial advice.

What makes The Professional Super Advisers Independent and Unbiased?

The Professional Super Advisers operates on a fee-for-service basis with any commissions received being rebated back 100% to the client. The company does not generally advocate the use of expensive wrap and mastertrust platforms.

This allows the company to provide unbiased advice.

Watch a short one minute video on Independent Financial Advice

The Professional Super Advisers operates under its own licence and is a registered tax agent. As such, not only is the advice independent and unbiased but the majority of services provided are tax deductible. It is believed that this model is at the forefront of the industry and will become the norm of quality advice businesses in the future.

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Our knowledge is continually maintained and updated. For Financial Services, we have a Continuing Professional Development Policy (CPD Policy) which complies in full with relevant legislation. For Accounting and Taxation, we comply with all requirements of CPD Policies set by Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand, and the Tax Practitioners Board.

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