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How photography can suggest exotic and exciting places to travel – notes for the jaded traveller.

Would you like to take an overseas trip to a new and exciting location or even just experience a favourite location from a different perspective? Would you, as an amateur photographer, like to be able to capture that special time perfectly on camera?

During his time as owner of an international information systems consultancy, Steve Allworth did a lot of travelling. Steve continued to travel once reaching retirement but the purpose of his travels changed, to visit locations that were exceedingly beautiful and could be captured through a lens.

This criteria, as a photographer, opened up a whole new world of potential travel destinations which are not just beautiful for photographers but an amazing way to spend retirement.

Steve will take you on “the road less travelled” via a series of comprehensive images he has taken during these trips, providing suggestions on interesting places to visit as well as how to take that perfect picture. Some of these images have achieved international recognition.

One of Steve’s discoveries is the “other half of photography”, the process of enhancing his images upon his return home. He will show some examples of this process.

Steve will briefly suggest a number of educational resources available for those who wish to dip their toe into photography, and give a very short overview of equipment for the photographic traveller.

So, whether you are a budding photographer or looking for a new adventure, travelling to new and exotic places that photographers are drawn to is a perfect way to spend your retirement.

The seminar will commence with a short 10 minute overview from Kevin Smith on action required in relation to the current superannuation changes (so that you can fund your trips!) and will end with drinks and canapes. If you have a friend who is interested then please feel free to bring them along.

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